A community history project designed

and delivered by Sandringham Enterprise -

an independent rural charity in Norfolk, UK

What our project will do...


Create an oral history archive of the voices of Marham


Work with all local community groups, schools and residents to capture our story


To create a set of community display boards, available to all - telling our story


Write a book, recording the history of our community across the 19th and 20th Centuries

Project software tool-kit and resources


Sandringham Enterprise uses Open Source, free software for all elements of its work.

The Marham Voices project will use free software to deliver all the voice, image and web content aspects of the project.


If we can help with advice on web deployment, audio-visual compilation of community material please just ask...

Key contact: timsmith@sandringhamcentre.com


1. Key production and work flow software...


2. Apache Open Office: fully compatible with Microsoft Office products, but more intuitive to use...and free!

3. Download at http://incubator.apache.org/openofficeorg/


4. Project management software:

5. Project in a Box- Community Edition: This free suite helps you plan, launch and track your project using a methodology called Prince 2. Don't be put off by the terminology, it provides an easy, structured way to divide up the work, allocate reporting and problem resolution, as well as helping your put together project Final Reports too.

6. Download here: http://www.projectinabox.org.uk/community.asp


7. Scribus – a free suite of layout and composition tools for generating flyers, booklets or large magazine style newsletters or reports. The software will also generate 'pre-flight' pdf's for your professional print service with one click.

8. Download here: http://www.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus


9. Paint.NET – a digital image manipulation and paint program that lets you scale, crop and resize images ahead of print or web publishing. You can work with image and text layers, as in PhotoShop, but without the cost.

10. Download here: http://www.getpaint.net/


11. RIOT – image re-size tool. Free software to 'smush' your web pictures. Perfect for improving page load times and data transfer speeds. (Note. Print images need to be highresolution and large in size. Ideally web images should be sized to fit the space and heavily 'smushed ' too.

12. Download here: http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/


13. Audacity – a simple free audio recording and editing suite. Record your voices, cut, slice, fade and export as MP3's for the web or audio archive.

14. Download here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/


15. Miro Video Converter: a free converter for video formats, that will allow you to generate compatible versions of your films for the web.

16. Download here: http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/


17. Video for Everybody Generator: A free, online video generator, used with the above converter, can help create films accessible in all browsers and web enabled devices.

18. Access here: http://sandbox.thewikies.com/vfe-generator/


19. Collaboration online with your project participants:


20. Wiggio – working in groups, together for free. Add comments, store documents, broadcast messages with one click to all group members, discuss ideas and illustrate them on a whiteboard that all can see, make free conference calls to resolve issues or add task to be done, create polls to vote on project issues. Keep your project people and documents all in one place, that every one can access!

21. Access here: http://wiggio.com/


22. Collaborative writing tool – riseup.net provides a free way to write collaboratively with others. You can see text changes in real time on the screen and chat online with participants at the same time. Note. If you do not access your shared documents every 30 days your shared space will disappear...

23. Access here: https://pad.riseup.net/

Marham Voices e-toolkit


These are the software and tools we use to generate our online and print content for the project.


As we develop our publishing work and get sample chapters of our proposed book completed we will add to this list - helping others, where we can, to compile, format and publish documents online for free.


We use Open Source software wherever we can, both to save costs for our charity and its projects, but also to support open, non-proprietal access to information and the systems needed to produce community content in all formats.

SEC Ltd produces a variety of information, publications, images and web pages.


You are free to use our data, images and charitable output for community purposes.


We do publish documents, images and data from the Public Domain and other organisations.


Please respect their copyright wherever appropriate.

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Marham Voice logo design by the graphic designer Jim Simpson

Contact Jim at jimsimpson@smithmartinpartnership.com